If a borrower defaults on their payments, we will notify you. If it is a temporary problem which can be easily resolved, then it is likely that no default will occur. If it is a more complex issue, Kuflink will (based on advice) appoint a Law of Property Act receiver and where appropriate, sell the security property to ensure investors receive the capital and interest due to them. This could mean that there is a delay in receiving your capital and interest.

In the unlikely event that a borrower was to default on their repayments, Kuflink Bridging guarantees 20% of each Select-Invest loan on a first-loss basis and guarantees 5% in Auto-Invest and our IF-ISA before any of our investors are affected. Kuflink is the only UK peer-to-peer platform to provide this additional layer of security to investors.

Your capital is at risk and, although our investors have never lost a penny to date, past performance is not a guarantee of future returns.

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